Medicare Resources

Sign up for Medicare online

If you are already receiving social security and are about to turn 65, you should automatically be enrolled in Medicare and will receive a card in the mail. If you are turning 65 and are not receiving social security yet, you may want to sign up for Medicare. It would be beneficial to speak to an agent to determine whether you should sign up for both A & B, sign up for part A only, or postpone signing up for Medicare. Please contact us if you want to speak to an agent or schedule an appointment. If you know you need to sign up, please click on the image below.

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Prescription Drug List Sender

If you have an upcoming appointment, please submit your medication list to us so our agents can better assist you in choosing a plan. It is NOT required, but is very beneficial in finding plans that will save you money based on your specific medications and needs. If you want like to send your list, please click on the image below.

Please click the image to send your Rx list