Life Insurance

Protection and leaving a legacy

We know how important it is to our clients that their families are protected, and many want to leave a legacy for long after they are gone. We know the subject can be difficult to discuss, which is why we strive to ensure we select staff that truly cares for our clients. Please contact us and we would be glad to discuss your insurance needs and concerns.

Term Life Insurance

Term life Insurance will pay a specified amount if the insured dies within the specified time of the contract. The contract term can be as short as one year, all the way up to 30 years. This tends to be the type of life insurance with the lowest premium. 

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance are contracts that have a cash value aspect. With cash value, you can take a loan or borrow funds from the contract. Your cash value can grow through additional premiums you pay in, along with interest gained from the policy. We partner with over fifty companies to insure the best product for your situation. We also utilize two different advanced planning organizations. Regardless of how unique your situation is, we have the expertise to find your solution.

Indexed Universal Life

Universal Life policies are a type of permanent life insurance that adopts ideas from both whole life and term policies. A Universal Life policy creates an account which accumulates value with a regularly paid premium. Some of that premium is applied to the costs of providing immediate life insurance to the client while the remainder of the premium is invested, accumulating interest and cash value. The interest is based on specified parts (an index) of financial markets, not on unpredictable individual stocks.

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